Biodegradable Lenses
Recycled Plastic

Ghost White | Wasted Weekends


Here at Sutsu we believe FacePlant sunglasses are something of a unicorn product. They look and feel amazing, are reasonably priced and follow our ethics / environmental vision.

Each pair of FacePlant™ sunglasses are made from five recycled plastic bottles, with bio-degradable lenses and replaceable lenses, CAT 3 UV400 protection, a lifetime guarantee and are near on indestructible.

Sadly, only 50% of the world’s population can wear white sunglasses, for the other 50%, well they just look ridiculous in them. This is less about them though and more about you looking awesome, because, you, well you do.

Dimensions: Width – 149.5mm / Height – 60mm

The flexible materials and FLX Hinge 2.0, make them fit a wide range of head sizes.

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