Sutsu was born from a single basic ideal… to create a progressive streetwear brand, which has a positive commitment to all that it touches. That includes you, the riders, donning the clothes, our factory staff and most importantly mother earth that gives us the raw materials. We are accountable for our actions as humans and we at Sutsu want to help make the waves, mountains and parks that we all love spending as many hours as we can on still as enjoyable in another 20 years. As much as we can we aim to make clothes that are design driven but that use sustainable or organic materials. This is not always achievable but all our garments will be made within Fairtrade regulations and with a percentage of our profits Sutsu supports the communities and charities we care about.

Sutsu comes from a Japanese festival that celebrates the annual ritual cycle marking the changing of the seasons. The name was chosen with this in mind, as it seemed right for a boardsport label that has a positive ecological foundation. Where would we be if the snow had all melted on the mountains, the seas and oceans were black with sewage on oil and the parks and skate ramps where desolate and destroyed?

Sutsu is not here to preach on the environment just make some good clothes, have a good time and help keep planet earth rideable

Sutsu is you… For Those Who Ride…

If you want some more information on our Eco credentials go to the Eko Ethics page on the menu bar

Surfers Clothing – The Reason for this text….

Here at Sutsu we pride ourselves on being transparent in every respect of our brand. Whether it be in respect of where our clothing is made to what we do to promote our beliefs we aim not to kid anyone so hence why we have written this text. As you are well aware having already surfed the net to find us every business online has to predominantly rely on Google for some if not a lot of it’s business and so the reason for this text is exactly that. We need Google to trawl through our site and find all the right keywords to put us at the top of the pages for surf clothing brands. As well as skate clothing and snow clothing. Many of these keywords have been strategically placed so more of you find us, hopefully like our stuff enough to put your money down and buy surf clothing here at Sutsu. If this all seems a little contrived to you, well it does to us too. We have to keep mentioning many many keywords to get higher on the rankings and, yes, some of you might be saying how Sutsu sold out to commercialism, well all we can say is that we need to do it to survive and hopefully keep producing clothes that you love which then allow us funds to help and care for the environment that we all hold dear, especially the oceans, the mountains and the parks.

Skate Clothing – More of the same….

What we need to get across in this text is that Sutsu is fundamentally and most importantly a Boardsport brand and although in this text we have concentrated on not only skate clothing, but also snow clothing as well as mens surf clothing our ethos is about the broader spectrum encompassing all boardsports. Sutsu is at the heart dedicated to not only providing environmentally conscious clothing but also creating a better earth for us to live and play in. Although we will mention specific sports in the process of this we are about the broader picture, as you will see over time, we also support kitesurfers and windsurfers as well so its not all about Sutsu skate clothing which happens to mean the same as sutsu surfers clothing because we believe that although we are all individuals in the sports we pursue we are a community in the boundaries we push and so through Sutsu we aim to bring us all together. We are definitely not a surf clothing retailer we are simply a brand trying to carve our way into the marketplace and so therefore all these keywords and Google friendly text will hopefully help us along the way. Being a small brand in a big market is always tough but hopefully being clever with which words we pop in such as snow clothing should make life somewhat better which would allow us to expand the range to include polos, hoodies and beanies.

Surf Clothing Online – Individually Inspired

For years there have been those amongst us who are different, who defy the normal and who live on the fringe of society. Individuals have always broken the mould, broken the law and broken many of their bones in the pursuit of something different. Here at Sutsu, although we could be one of the many surf clothing brands out there, we actually don’t care if you have stamped your mark on the biggest wave (although we would like to see the pictures), nailed the most technical rail in front of your mates or boosted the biggest air. In fact we don’t even care about the pain and the frustration from the wipeouts, crashes and stacks you have had to get here. We don’t care where you have come from or even what you do we just care that you have found us. We care that you have a conscience, that you care about the effect on our planet and that you strive to be someone to respect. We would hope that you to want to buy your surf clothing online here at Sutsu and help us build as a brand. We at Sutsu believe in individuality and that you show that in any sport you choose. Whether you buy kick and push skate clothing or rail and slide snow clothing we at Sutsu have aimed to bring these sports together in the pursuit of creating a brand, which effects the environment positively rather than damaging it any more.

Sutsu Surfers Clothing & The Planet

We recognize that the planet has given us the cotton with which we make our Sutsu organic surf clothing from and so we feel it our duty to give something back. Wherever we can we will lessen our impact on this fragile environment, there are no big factories churning out gallons of fumes here. As much of our surf wear clothing as possible is made from Organic Cotton (All T-shirts are now made using Organic Cotton) and although the dye and inks are chemical based we will try to minimize wastage as much as we can. All our garments come from Fair Trade suppliers so you will know that we respect the people who make your clothes. We don’t buy huge stock orders and then have it sit in a warehouse or be thrown onto a dump we account for all our product and any skate clothing left over goes to charitable causes. Every item of our snow clothing is hand printed here in the UK by our dedicated team. On the back of this our environmental and humanitarian partnerships are at the core of who we are as a brand. Many of our partnerships relate back to the ocean (Beach Clean Network & Bica Surf) but we also support humanitarian agencies such as Medecins Sans Frontieres who look after what many describe as ‘forgotten peoples’. The belief in making a positive impact on both environmental and ethical issues is directly related to anything we at Sutsu produce.

Snow Clothing

Each one of our garments is printed by hand so each print will differ slightly from the next. Every piece of snow clothing we print (Sorry other Boardriders we do love you we just need to get in Google’s good books) as well as the skate clothing all go under strict testing to make sure the print lasts the test of time and doesn’t crack or deteriorate. All the production of our surf shop clothing (Sorry bad link) is limited to small runs and once we have sold out of that style during a season we stop producing it and introduce a new one to the range. This keeps our skate surf clothing designs fresh our designers’ fresher and ensures you have something that is purely limited edition. In this mass-produced world in which we live you can rest assured that every Sutsu garment will be as unique as the individual rocking it. The surf clothing uk tag that Sutsu will be labeled with is something to be proud of and we aim to make sure we continue flying our Sutsu flag. As the years pass and Sutsu hopefully grows we will expand the range to include not only T-shirts but also many other garments including boardshorts. One thing that remain constant through all the styles is the fact that there will be an accountable process whether that be checking the Organic statistics or making sure the board shorts are in some part recycled.

See You Around

Firstly if you have made it this far we are impressed… Since originally writing this Sutsu has been having a great year. We are getting some great press for our streetwear from magazines including Wavelength, Pit Pilot, Huck, Zoo to name a few. Alongside this Sutsu is being stocked in superb street wear and surf clothing shops including the Wavehouse and EX Stores to name a couple. This year Sutsu has continued to get our streetwear into many of the UK’s most respected online street wear stores. Over the next year we aim to expand our presence in the UK both online and in existing bricks and mortar stores… If you are a retailer and reading this and you would like to stock Sutsu’s streetwear then get in touch by emailing us at sales[a] Sutsu is not only street wear it is much much more, as mentioned before we have sponsored kitesurfers, artists and photographers. Sutsu is a family of like minded individuals aspiring to make a difference with our planet but without forgetting that we are here to have a good time, ride as much as we can wherever we can, design some nice clothes (that you guys like) and give something back to humanity and the environment. Take it easy, ride well and we hope to see you one day wandering around in a Sutsu streetwear.

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