Ice Teal | Crash Overrides


Here at Sutsu we believe FacePlant® sunglasses are something of a unicorn product. They look and feel amazing, are reasonably priced and follow our ethics / environmental vision.

Each pair of FacePlant™ sunglasses are made from

  • Five recycled plastic bottles
  • Bio-degradable lenses and replaceable lenses
  • CAT 3 UV400 protection,
  • Lifetime guarantee and are near on indestructible.
It’s a good thing these sunglasses are vegan friendly, because these look good enough to eat, just be careful they don’t get stuck in your throat. The Ice Teal has been a hit with the ladies, and the guys who are comfortable with their sexuality and not afraid to be a little different.

Dimensions: Width – 145mm / Height – 50mm

The flexible materials and FLX Hinge 2.0, make them fit a wide range of head sizes.

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