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Sutsu was born from a single basic ideal… to create a progressive streetwear brand, which has a positive commitment to all that it touches. We are accountable for our actions as humans and we at Sutsu want to help make the waves, mountains and parks that we all love spending as many hours as we can on still as enjoyable in another 20 years. As much as we can we aim to make clothes that are design driven but that use sustainable or organic materials. This is not always achievable but all our garments will be made within Fairtrade regulations and with a percentage of our profits Sutsu supports the communities and charities we care about.

Sutsu comes from a Japanese festival that celebrates the annual ritual cycle marking the changing of the seasons. The name was chosen with this in mind, as it seemed right for a boardsport label that has a positive ecological foundation. Where would we be if the snow had all melted on the mountains, the seas and oceans were black with sewage on oil and the parks and skate ramps where desolate and destroyed?

Sutsu is not here to preach on the environment just make some good clothes, have a good time and help keep planet earth rideable

Naturally Inspired.